Galactic Equinox

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The Winter solstice alignment of Your Planet with the Galactic plane in the Earth Year 2012 approaching. Your Planet normally crosses the galactic plane twice each year, as does your Mother Star, Sol (known to Earth's people as the Sun).
Galactic Alignment means the alignment of the Winter Solstice Sun (In the Monkth called December), with the Galactic Equator. This alignment occurs because of the precession of the equinoxes.

The alignment in Earth year 2012 differs from the alignments which occur each year, due to the fact that in the Year 2012 of your Earth Calendar, the two days on which Your Sun will cross the Galactic Plane will come into alignment with two Solstices. Such a thing happens once every 13,000 years.

Earthyear 21st 12th 2012


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