Muppet performs the Roswell autopsy!

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Surgeon Baffet from the Muppet system discovered in a frame of the Santilli Alien Autopsy Video!

In a recent discovery whilst sifting through snippets of removed footage of the Santilli Video tape of the Roswell UFO crash's Alien autopsies, some rare authentic proof of the existence of the legendary Galaxian Muppet race has been discovered.. The specimen in the picture below is one of the Muppet planet's surgeon baffets, renowned for their steady mouth (they don't have hands and perform all surgical operations with a laser emission that exudes from their long and agile sensor tongues. The Surgeon baffet of the Muppet system's third moon evolved this ability due to the fact that, on their planet, there is another species (razor pivots), which likes to eat baffet tongues, so whilst they are slithering around in the densely clouded mists of their methane forests using their tongues to extend into cavities in the groganta trees which grow there (these trees are massive and have cavities and crevices up to 7 meters deep where other creatures, such as the honeysweet snodgrapper like to reside), they will use the laser shot from their tongue to slice any creature which feels like it is bending in half on their tongue. The laser will immediately slice through whatever is in a 360 degree radius of the area which is touching the tongue. This is due to the fact that the razor pivot ( a hovering, hooked flying piscine creature), is a creature which will double in half and it's waist/thorax is razor sharp in a c-shape - the c shaped thorax will grip whatever has grabbed it and grab it like a pair of earth plyers, or perhaps a wire cutter, and "Snip!" in half .
Below pic; Razor Pivots entering a hole

There is also the danger of the muscly ringworm, which slips itself around the tongue and the squeezes until the tongue is split in two.
Below pic - Muscly Ringworm on a surgeon Baffet's tongue

Many surgeon Baffets must have lost their tongues before Mother Nature evolved their laser device! After the footage of the surgeon Baffet in the Roswell autopsy video were discovered, conclusions have been made suggesting that the US Government have an alliance with the surgeon Bafets and asked them to assist in performing the autopsy.


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