Seven Eleven Opens in Space!

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Seven Eleven has done it again! Once more they are in the forefront of Franchise Marketing and have now gone "Intergalactic" with stores open all around the Galaxy at major Space Portals and Solar Systems, as well as Major Mining Asteroid belts and Lunar Base Camps. Orbital Hospitals and Prisons are planned for the near future for visiting Family members to be able tohover in on their personal Jet pack and pick up their favourite Earth-Snacks and treats from the counter.
Seven Eleven started on Planet Earth as a sleazy Urban Supermarket Franchise in the early Eighties and soon became the biggest worldwide Franchise since Mac Donald's. Now they are the first earth based Franchise to have gone Galaxywide and soon plan to increment their product line to non Earth products and sundries to cater for the other Ethnic groups in the Galaxy. First in their expected new product arrivals will be the graxxof Burbleax Puke Crunchydrink which the insectoid Chlorophyll based non Humanoid ixafafkf Race are so fond of pouring into the exo stomachs.


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